I'm a technologist and engineer based in the US.

I work in security consulting, and my day job involves assessing solutions against security and engineering requirements before they are deployed in various environments.


I earned my undergraduate degree in computer science and am currently enrolled in a professional certificate program in cybersecurity.

Throughout my undergraduate program, I also took extensive courses in Arabic studies and in applied mathematics to pursue a minor.

In addition to my education, I hold the following certifications:
+ Certified Computer Forensic Examiner (IACRB)
+ Certified Mobile Forensic Examiner (IACRB)
+ Security+ (CompTIA)


When not behind a computer, I pursue and nurture my interests in art, media, and design; my background in technology, art and design, and culture informs my work.


Want to get in touch? Email me at my personal email (if you know it) or at: forkbum [at] protonmail [dot] com.
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